About Us, World-Class Piano Tuners in McLean, Virginia

We’ve been keeping pianos in tune for over half a century.

Professional Piano Tuners in McLean, Virginia

Professional Piano Tuners in McLean, Virginia

Who we are

PianoCraft is a company built by and for piano enthusiasts. That sets us apart from other piano tuners near you in McLean, Virginia. Concert pianist Shaun Tirrell and seasoned composer Keith Kerman became the majority owners of PianoCraft in 2001. Together, they make sure that our clients’ needs are always met and understood.

Our doors are open for concert pianists, piano students, recording engineers, universities, studios, and piano owners. No matter their background or experience, we always deliver premium quality repairs and trustworthy service. 

Having been on the market for more than half a century, we’ve cared for some of the oldest and most high-end pianos around the world. We treat every make and piano model the same way – with love, extreme care, and attention. We understand that every piano comes with its own unique sound and every player has their individual style. With the right registered piano technician, your piano can sound good and feel good in no time.
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Over 50 Years of High-Quality Piano Tuning in McLean, Virginia

What we do

Here at PianoCraft, we provide 5-star piano tuning, regulating, voicing, and restoration services to anyone who needs it in McLean, Virginia. Our doors are always open for every model and iteration of the Steinway concert grand, as well as its non-concert models. The same goes for Mason & Hamlins, Baldwins, Erards, Boesendorfers, Steingraebers, and more. 

We have a state-of-the-art rebuilding facility that can serve as your piano’s second home while we restore it to its original pristine condition. Whether your piano needs a new soundboard, tuning, or refinishing, we conduct a personal consultation with our clients individually beforehand, so we can meet their requirements and deliver the highest level of craftsmanship possible.
PianoCraft can also send a registered piano technician to your home to assess the condition of your priceless family heirloom or perform piano voicing, regulation, and whatever service the piano may need.
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Sharing our Love for Music and Pianos in McLean Virginia

Why we do it

PianoCraft exists to enrich every piano enthusiast’s musical journey. Over the years, we’ve gained worldwide recognition for our quality piano tuning, restoration, and repairs – not to mention, our trustworthy service. While we take pride in our ability to live up to the expectations of the world’s best concert pianists, composers, and artists, there’s no better feeling than seeing our work fuel the passions of many aspiring and promising pianists. 

Here at PianoCraft, we are passionate about our work and we strive to do our best every day, so we may continue to help artists do what they do best – make music. Our love for music and for this magnificent instrument has gotten us here today, and it will continue to inspire our work in the years to come.
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More than Piano Tuning...

Over the years, along with 5-star piano servicing, the PianoCraft shop has become world renowned for piano rebuilding. Using superior materials and craftsmanship, clients trust us to be uncompromising in quality piano restoration and rebuilding. Whether you require a newly crafted soundboard, action work or refinishing that will outshine new pianos, we have taught and developed a level of craftsmanship in house that was only previously seen in brand new expensive pianos.
While we do take pride in our ability to please the highest levels of concert pianists, composers and artists, real pride also comes from our ability to help new and budding musicians to find their voice. Whether you are a new student diving into our shared journey or an experienced pianist looking for the perfect piano, here at PianoCraft we will surely enrich your experience and further your musical journey.
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