August 25, 2023

How Long Before a New Piano Needs Tuning?

Are you wondering how long before tuning a new piano you should wait? Some piano owners might assume that new pianos don’t need tuning for several months or longer. On the other hand, some might assume they need tuning right away.

New pianos usually need an initial tuning service right away, often called "rough tuning." However, the piano then needs to acclimate to its new environment before its next tuning. This timeframe allows the wood pieces to adjust as needed. Piano technicians recommend scheduling 3-4 piano tunings throughout the first year for a new piano.

This is a quick overview of the question, how long before tuning a new piano? To ensure your piano sounds its best, keep reading! Also, a piano services contractor can advise the best choices for your piano. A full inspection of the piano as well as your home or other environment ensures expert care.

how long before tuning a new piano

How Long Before Tuning a New Piano

Tuning a new piano for the first time depends on various factors. These include the climate where it sits, the piano's construction, and the manufacturer's recommendations. In general, new pianos require several tunings within the first year after purchase. This is due to the settling of the piano's components and the strings' stretching.

  • A new piano should be tuned shortly after it's delivered and set up in its new location. This initial tuning is often called the "pitch raise" or "rough tuning." This service brings the piano's pitch close to the desired level.
  • After the initial tuning, the piano will likely go through a stabilization period. This can last a few weeks to a few months, depending on surrounding humidity and temperature fluctuations. During this time, the piano's wooden components adjust to the new environment, and the strings settle. All this causes the piano's pitch to fluctuate.
  • After the stabilization period, you'll need to schedule follow-up tunings. The frequency of these tunings depends on how often you play the piano. Also, you’ll need to consider the climate in your area and the recommendations of your piano technician. Typically, new pianos require tuning every few months during the first year.
  • Once the piano has stabilized and the strings have settled, transition to a regular tuning schedule. Most pianos should be tuned at least once or twice a year. This schedule helps them to maintain their optimal sound quality and pitch stability.
  • Lastly, pianos in professional use or in environments with extreme climate variations might require more frequent tuning. In some cases, you might consider tuning the piano before or after every use!

How Long After Moving a Piano Can You Tune It?

After moving a piano, it's generally recommended to wait before tuning it. A delay before tuning allows the piano to acclimate and settle. How long you should wait before tuning a moved piano can vary depending on the move distance, climate, and piano type.

In general, you might wait about 2-4 weeks before tuning the piano after it has been moved. Here’s why:

  • When a piano is moved from one location to another, it needs time to adjust to the new climate. Drastic changes in temperature and humidity can cause the piano's wooden components to expand or contract, affecting its stability.
  • Moving a piano can cause the wires or strings to stretch or settle. This can lead to the piano going out of tune relatively quickly after the move. Waiting allows the strings to settle and stabilize before tuning.
  • Moving a piano involves tilting and lifting, which can stress the piano's internal components and frame. Allowing the piano to rest and settle helps to ensure that these components are in their proper positions before tuning.

It's a good idea to consult with a professional piano tuner or technician who can assess the piano's condition and the specific circumstances of the move. They can provide you with guidance on when it's appropriate to tune the piano after it has been moved.

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How Long Can a Piano Go Without Being Tuned?

The length of time a piano can go without being tuned depends on its age, condition, and the environment it's in. Also, consider how critical its tuning precision needs to be. For instance, a student might need a finely tuned piano so they can better learn its notes.

  • New pianos require more frequent tuning during their first year. Their strings are stretching, and the piano is acclimating to its new environment. In turn, it's recommended to tune a new piano 3 to 4 times within the first year.
  • After the initial year, established pianos generally benefit from being tuned at least once or twice a year. This helps maintain their pitch and sound quality.
  • Pianos used in professional settings, such as concert halls, recording studios, or music schools, are tuned more frequently. They might need tuning before each significant performance or recording session.
  • Pianos in homes can often go longer between tunings, especially if they're not frequently played. Also, your home might have relatively stable temperature and humidity levels. However, even for home use, consider annual tuning to keep the piano in good condition.
  • Pianos are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If your location experiences significant climate variations, the piano might go out of tune more quickly. Pianos in humid environments might require more frequent tuning.
  • If a piano goes without tuning for an extended period, the tension in the strings can change significantly. This makes it more difficult and time-consuming to bring it back to proper pitch. In some cases, additional tunings might be needed to stabilize the pitch.

In general, it's best to follow the advice of a professional piano tuner or technician who can assess your piano's individual needs. Regular tuning not only maintains the piano's sound quality but also helps prevent potential issues that can arise from neglecting its maintenance.

A Quick Word From Our Piano Service Team

McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is happy to explain how long before tuning a new piano. Hopefully you understand how to care for your new piano! Also, don’t hesitate to call our McLean piano services contractor for expert care. We provide full-service tuning, voicing, repairs, and more.

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