July 18, 2023

How to Get Rid of a Piano (6 Easy Ways)

Are you wondering how to get rid of a piano without much hassle or cost? If so, you’re in luck! Piano owners can often sell their old instruments, recycle them, or otherwise dispose of them easily. In turn, you can see it put to good use or when possible.

Six ways to get rid of a piano include:

  1. Selling it online
  2. Donating it
  3. Disposing of it completely
  4. Recycling usable parts
  5. Repurposing its parts
  6. Burning the wood body and parts

Before you decide on any of these choices, keep reading! It’s vital to consider local regulations and other important factors before moving forward. Also, you don’t want to miss out on earning some money from that piano if possible! Professional piano tuning technician services can be a great investment, if it means selling rather than tossing that instrument.

how to get rid of a piano

6 Tips for How to Get Rid of a Piano

When reviewing these 6 methods for getting rid of a piano, remember to consider safety! Don’t try to lift a piano yourself and don’t transport it in anything unsafe. These simple tips ensure you don’t hurt yourself or someone else when getting rid of your piano.

Selling your piano online

If the piano is in good condition and playable, you can try selling it. Online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are excellent places to start. You can also place classified ads in local papers.

Additionally, consider making up a sales flyer for the piano. You can then send it directly to nearby schools, music stores, or concert halls. Even local piano tuners might purchase older pianos to fix up and resell!

Before selling the piano, consider having it tuned and cleaned. Remember that a buyer will usually want to test it before purchasing! If it’s in good condition, they’re more likely to buy at the price you’re asking. Also, do some research on its make, model, and age. This will give you some idea on what price to ask.

Donating it

Alternatively, consider donating the piano to a school, community center, church, or other organization. Non-profits might also accept pianos as donations. They can then resell the instrument and keep the profits for their charity.

If you're in a hurry to get rid of the piano, advertise it as a free item online. Websites like Craigslist or Freecycle offer items for free in your local community. Be sure to note if you can transport it or if the person needs to arrange their own transport.

Disposing of it completely

If the piano is not salvageable, you might need to dispose of it completely. You can look online for local landfills that accept larger items. Also, you might call your city and ask about bulky trash pickups.

If the city informs you that you need to dispose of the piano yourself, remember that you can also call pickup or dumpster services. Renting a dumpster means you’ll need to break down the piano yourself. However, they’ll take away the rubbish, so you don’t need to transport it!

how to get rid of a piano

Recycling usable parts

Recycling centers might not take an entire piano, but they might recycle many of its parts! In turn, consider breaking down the piano as much as possible. Next, take the wood, metal, and other recyclable parts to a center near you.

Again, consider renting a vehicle needed for safe transport. This might be a moving van or pickup truck large enough to hold those oversized parts. Lastly, you can probably take the remaining parts and bag them up for your everyday trash. Check with your city about restrictions and requirements about tossing out piano keys and other parts.

Repurposing its parts

If you're feeling creative and have some DIY skills, repurpose the piano's parts! You might use the legs for a new table and cut the wood for shelves. Some hobbyists have even hollowed out upright pianos and repurposed them as bars or bookcases. You might also cut off the back of the piano and create a buffet or hall table.

When you get stuck for ideas, just search online for piano upcycling. This refers to repurposing materials for an entirely new use. You might be surprised at the creativity you find! In some cases, you might even find local crafters who would love to pick up your piano for their use.

Burning the wood body and parts

Before you just toss an old piano into a firepit, ensure you check local regulations. Some cities don’t allow bonfires or various wood materials in firepits. One reason is that some fires can get out of control easily. Two, chemicals in paints and sealants release noxious fumes when burned.

Are Old Upright Pianos Worth Anything?

Before you toss out your old, upright piano, you might consider if it’s worth reselling! Whether it’s worth anything depends on a few factors, including:

  • The age of a piano affects its value. Some musicians consider antique pianos valuable, especially if they are well-maintained.
  • A piano’s brand has a significant impact on its value. Pianos from renowned manufacturers with a history of producing high-quality instruments are more valuable than lesser-known brands.
  • The piano's condition is crucial. A well-maintained and playable piano has more value than one in disrepair or requires restoration.
  • Restoration, especially by a professional, might increase a piano’s value compared to an unrestored one.

Rather than trying to determine a piano’s value yourself, have a professional appraiser assess its value accurately. They can offer an accurate estimate based on the piano's specific condition, age, and brand.

However, remember that older pianos aren’t always worth much, especially if they’re in poor condition. In some cases, restoration costs may exceed the piano's value. In turn, the piano might be more suitable for donation, repurposing, or disposal.

how to get rid of a piano

How Do You Move a Piano Out of Your House?

If you’re still wondering how to get rid of a piano and move it out of your house, you might call a professional! Experienced piano movers know how to pack and transport them as safely as possible. Also, they’ll have the right materials and vehicle needed for the job!

However, if you want to attempt moving a piano on your own, note that they need disassembling. First, remove any parts you can detach including the lid and legs. Second, pack it with property padding and tiedowns.

Use a heavy-duty dolly that can support the piano’s weight for moving. Ensure it’s strapped to the dolly securely! Also, check the path and remove all rugs and other obstructions and tripping hazards. Use a ramp to get the piano safely into your transport vehicle.

Once in the vehicle, the piano needs more tiedowns to keep it secure! Don’t assume you can just drive slow or use caution when on the road. One tap on the brakes or sharp turn can mean disaster for your piano.

A Word From Our Team

McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is happy to help explain how to get rid of a piano. Hopefully we’ve given you some good tips to consider! Also, call our McLean VA piano tuning technicians when you need expert services. We provide a full catalog of piano care including tuning, voicing, restoration, and repairs. To find out more, contact us today.

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