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Our company has been piano tuning Alexandria VA for close to 50 years. Each technician is a registered piano technician who is experienced and skilled at tuning various acoustic pianos. They use modern equipment to accurately tune each piano to A440 pitch. In addition to tuning, our team also provides other piano services such as repairs, regulating, voicing, and rebuilding. 

Their goal is to keep clients' pianos sounding and performing at their very best. PianoCraft stands behind its work and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all tuning services. Appointments can easily be scheduled online or over the phone. With affordable rates and quality service, PianoCraft is a great choice for tuning services and more in the local area.
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"Amazing service and skill from the piano tech! We have a Yahama mini grand that was out of service for several years, and they really spent the time to tune and re-tune it methodically. It's still perfectly in tune several weeks later. I will definitely use them again!"
- Tommy C.
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Learn a Little About Our Services...

Since 1968, we have been providing expert piano tuning and repair services to the Alexandria area. Our team of experienced technicians are registered piano tuners who are highly skilled at tuning a wide variety of acoustic pianos. We use the latest tuning equipment and techniques to accurately tune each piano to concert pitch. 

We also offer other piano services to keep your instrument sounding its very best. These include repairs, regulating, voicing, and complete piano rebuilding if needed. Our repair services cover everything from minor fixes like sticky keys to major jobs like replacing strings or repairing cracks in the soundboard. 

Regulating involves adjusting and lubricating the moving parts of the piano so it has a light, responsive action. Voicing is improving piano tone by adjusting the hammers. Piano rebuilding restores an older piano to like-new playing condition. 

We stand behind all our work and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every service we provide. Our prices are also very reasonable compared to other piano technicians in the area. To keep your piano performing optimally, schedule a tuning or repair appointment with our skilled technicians today. We service all brands and types of pianos.
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What Brands of Pianos do We Tune in Alexandria?

Our expert piano technicians service all of the major piano brands on the market today. The team at Mclean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is skilled at tuning, repairing, and regulating all of the following popular acoustic piano makes:

*Steinway - As one of the premier piano brands, Steinway pianos are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and superb resonance. Our technicians are well-versed in tuning and caring for Steinway grands as well as their legendary Model D concert grand piano.
*Yamaha - Yamaha offers high-quality acoustic pianos for home and student use. We often service their popular C series, U series, and Clavinova digital pianos.
*Kawai - Kawai pianos are appreciated for their deep, rich tone. We tune and repair their wide range of grand, upright, and digital piano models.
*Baldwin - With both vertical and grand options, Baldwin is an American piano brand with a reputation for durability. Our techs service all Baldwin acoustic and player piano models.
*Mason & Hamlin - Mason & Hamlin is another renowned American piano maker. We expertly care for their renowned grand pianos like the Model BB.
*Petrof - Handmade in the Czech Republic, Petrof pianos are known for superb European craftsmanship. We service their uprights, baby grands, and concert-sized grand pianos.
*Schimmel - Schimmel offers high-precision German pianos with a lush tone. We are experienced with their Pegasus, Wilhelm Kempff, and other models.

No matter what brand or age of acoustic piano you own, we have the skills and expertise to keep it sounding its very best. Our seasoned technicians deliver prompt, affordable service on all makes and models.
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Dig a Little Deeper into Our Melodious Services

Piano Tuning

Our skilled technicians in Alexandria, Virginia, offer expert piano tuning, repairs, and maintenance services to keep vintage and new instruments sounding their best for performances and practice.

Piano Maintenance

You can trust our qualified technicians to provide services like tuning, regulation, voicing, and minor repairs to enable a piano to function optimally and prevent more serious issues from developing. 

Piano Voicing

Voicing is an important job that involves adjusting the hammers inside an acoustic piano. We use specialized tools to voice hammers, which help improve piano tone, touch response, and overall musicality.

PianoCraft is Your #1 Choice

45 Years of Experience

Since 1968, our team of experienced piano technicians has been providing expert tuning, repairs, and maintenance to keep pianos sounding their absolute best.

Concert Pianist on Staff

Our company's owner is a seasoned concert pianist and ensures that each piano is tuned and voiced to perfectly meet the needs of musical performances. 

Affordable Rates

With competitive pricing and special discounts available, our piano tuning and repair services offer a budget-worthy way to keep your piano in top playing condition.

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