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Expert Piano Tuning Falls Church, Virginia

We are a family-owned piano tuning Falls Church, VA, and repair shop. For over 50 years, our skilled technicians have provided top-quality piano tuning, repair, restoration, and maintenance services to clients throughout Northern Virginia and the greater DC metro area. 

Whether it's a simple piano tuning to get your piano back in tune or complex repairs like replacing worn keys or fixing internal parts, you can rely on our experience, professionalism, and passion for all things piano. We love pianos like they're members of our own family - your piano is in caring, skillful hands with us. Give McLean Piano Tuning a call to schedule an appointment today!
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piano tuning falls church va

Customer Testimonial

"Amazing service and skill from the piano tech! We have a Yahama mini grand that was out of service for several years, and they really spent the time to tune and re-tune it methodically. It's still perfectly in tune several weeks later. I will definitely use them again!"
- Tommy C.
piano tuning falls church va

Let's Break Down Our Piano Tuning Services...

Keeping your piano properly tuned is essential for it to produce the correct tones and for the instrument to perform at its best. Our professional piano tuners in Falls Church, Virginia, have over five decades of experience providing expert tuning and maintenance services for pianos of all types and ages. 

We offer prompt standard piano tunings as well as pitch raising, concert pitch tuning, and historical temperament tuning options to suit the unique needs of each instrument and client. You'll enjoy clear, bright, harmonious tones from bass to treble after our meticulous, customized tuning process, which we can provide on a regular maintenance schedule or on an as-needed basis. 

With advanced notice, we can also offer piano services for special events. Our passion is piano tuning - contact us to experience the difference professional care makes.
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A Tuned Piano Always Sounds Better

Keeping your piano tuned by a professional technician provides many benefits over attempting to tune it yourself. Our experienced technicians have completed extensive training and have acquired the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to expertly tune all brands and models of pianos.

 Professional tuning maintains your piano strings and internal components in their optimal state, preventing unnecessary wear and tear over time. It also produces the proper tension on strings allowing clear, harmonious tones to ring out across bass, mid-range, and treble notes. 

Out of tune pianos lose their tone quality and can even become damaged when left as such. Regular professional tunings keep your piano sounding its absolute best so you can truly enjoy playing and listening. Our passion for piano care ensures your instrument gets the proper maintenance it requires.
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Pro Piano Services You Can Count On


Revive your treasured piano with our expert restoration. Trusted specialists since 1968, bringing old instruments back to their original glory.


Our skilled technicians artfully voice pianos for balanced tone from top to bottom. Let us tailor the sound character to suit your playing style.


Damaged pianos deserve a second life. Our seasoned technicians have the knowledge to assess and repair Key issues, strings, hammers, and more.

Why Choose McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

Decades of Experience

With 50+ years serving Northern Virginia piano owners, our seasoned technicians have seen it all. Trust us with your piano's care.

Affordable Rates

Quality piano care needn't be costly. Our tunings, repairs, and restorations are competitively priced to keep musicians playing.

FREE Quotes

Unsure what your piano needs? Consult our technicians for a no-obligation quote. They'll advise solutions to keep your instrument sounding its best.

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Ready to schedule your piano service? Choose from piano tuning, regulation, voicing, restoration or climate control. Contact us today for a piano service.
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