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World-Class Piano Service in McLean, Virginia

There might be a handful of piano tuning services near you in McLean, but a certified piano tuner with over 50 years of experience is hard to come by. Fixing a piano may seem simple and straightforward to the inexperienced. However, considering a piano has 200 strings, all of which are attached to pins on a pinblock that need to be properly anchored, the slightest change can make a huge difference to the sound or feel of the instrument. This is why piano servicing is a must for it to produce its best melody.
At McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft, we fix all piano makes and models. We treat every instrument with the same respect, care, and attention. Here, your precious family heirloom is in excellent hands.

Piano Tuning

5-Star Piano Tuning Services in McLean, Virginia

PianoCraft offers premium piano tuning in McLean to professional pianists and beginners alike. By choosing a company which has lived and breathed music in the last 50 years, you can continue to enrich your musical journey with an instrument that sounds great, looks incredible, and feels excellent to the touch.

Our registered piano technicians can drop by your home and perform a series of tests to assess the accuracy of the piano. We can provide excellent tuning and other minor piano servicing work that the instrument may need from time to time.
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Piano Maintenance

Professional Piano Maintenance in McLean, Virginia

Other than piano tuning, every piano requires minor technical repairs every now and then. It can range from broken strings to regulation work, voicing, or cleaning. Over time, the instrument’s numerous components may also start to change due to regular use or fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. 

In such cases, professional piano maintenance services are necessary. And PianoCraft would be more than happy to return your piano to tip-top shape.
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Piano Climate Control in McLean, Virginia

When you reside in places like McLean, where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are freezing, it’s best if you place your piano in a controlled environment. A Damp Chaser Life Saver Climate Control system is all you need to make sure your piano sounds incredible all-year round. Unsure of the instrument’s current environment?
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Expert Piano Repair

PianoCraft can send a registered piano technician to your home to evaluate the condition of your instrument. They can also repair the instrument right in your home. When we have to, we can transfer the piano to our top-notch rebuilding facility, where we can repair any problem with your piano regardless of their severity. Get in touch for piano repair in McLean!

World-Renowned Piano Restoration in McLean, Virginia

We’ve rebuilt many high-end pianos around the world. You can view our restored works of art at the Smithsonian, Strathmore, Carnegie Mellon, Lincoln, Center, the Phillips Collection, and other reputable institutions. Call for piano restoration in McLean VA.
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