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Piano Restoration Mclean VA - 55 Years of Dedication

Our company offers professional piano restoration McLean, Virginia. With over 55 years of experience, PianoCraft provides expert piano tuning, repair, rebuilding, and refinishing services for pianos in Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro areas.

Whether you have an antique Steinway grand piano or a modern digital piano, PianoCraft can keep it sounding its best. Their piano technicians are highly trained and use the latest tools and technology to accurately tune your piano to concert-level pitch. Tuning services are available on a regular basis to maintain proper string tension and pitch.

In addition to tuning, PianoCraft also provides complete piano restoration services. This includes repairs to the piano action, rebuilding or replacing worn hammers, restoring ivory or plastic keys, refinishing and refurbishing the piano's cabinetry. Major restoration jobs can breathe new life into your piano and make it look and sound like new again.

With their expertise and passion for pianos, you can trust PianoCraft to provide your piano with the care and maintenance it needs. Whether through regularly scheduled tunings or complete restorations, they have the skills to keep your piano in top-performing condition. Contact McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft today to schedule an appointment and let them restore your piano to its original splendor.
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piano restoration McLean VA

See What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Amazing service and skill from the piano tech! We have a Yahama mini grand that was out of service for several years, and they really spent the time to tune and re-tune it methodically. It's still perfectly in tune several weeks later. I will definitely use them again!"
- Tommy C.
Restoring a Piano McLean

Trusted Piano Restoration Services

At McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft, we provide complete player piano restoration and rebuilding services to bring your piano back to its original glory. Our expert technicians can perform a variety of repairs and refurbishing, including:

* Action Repairs - We can fix sticking keys, replace broken parts, and regulate the hammer action for a responsive, even touch.
* Hammer Replacement - Old neglected hammers can be replaced to give your piano a brand-new sound and feel when played.
* Key Restoration - We'll clean and replace chipped ivory or plastic keys to restore the keyboard's appearance.
Cabinet Refinishing - Our technicians can refinish, repair, or replace your piano's cabinetry and hardware to restore its beauty.
* Soundboard & Bridge Repairs - Cracks, warping, and bridge issues can be repaired to improve tone.
* Pinblock Replacement - We'll install a new pinblock if yours is worn out for better tuning stability.
* String Replacement - Old rusty strings will be swapped out for a crisp new set.

Trust our experienced technicians at PianoCraft to give your piano the care and restoration it deserves. We use quality materials and meticulous techniques to make your piano look, feel, and sound new again.
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Restoring an antique or old piano is a complex job that requires specialized skills and experience. While it may seem economical to try and repair a piano yourself as a DIY project, it's important to hire a professional piano restoration service.

The technicians at our professional piano restoration shop have received extensive training and have apprenticed with master pianists. This gives them the expertise to properly disassemble, evaluate, repair, and rebuild all components of your piano.

They also have access to high-quality tools, materials, and parts that may not be readily available to the average piano owner. This allows them to make repairs that adhere to factory specifications and will last for years to come. For example, only a professional will have the equipment to accurately measure and cut a new set of hammers or replace worn piano strings.

By trusting piano restoration with seasoned professionals, you can have confidence that your piano will be repaired to the highest standard. Their experience and mastery of piano mechanics ensure your instrument will play superbly for generations.
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Piano restoration in McLean VA

Restorative Piano Services for Every Need

Piano Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your piano sounding its best. Our technicians provide expert tuning, regulation, cleaning, and minor repairs to maintain proper string tension, a responsive action, and clear tone. We service upright pianos, grands, and more.

Piano Tuning

Tune your piano to concert pitch with our professional tuning services. Our experienced technicians will expertly adjust your piano's strings and optimize its tone, ensuring it sounds melodic and stays in tune. Trust us for the finest piano tuning in the region.

Piano Voicing

Give your piano a balanced, vibrant tone with professional voicing services. Our technicians will expertly voice the hammers to optimize tonal quality across the piano's range. Let us revoice your piano for a rich, colorful sound you'll love.

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