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Creating beautiful music since 1968.

Piano Tuning Mclean VA - Since 1968

For over 50 years, PianoCraft has been providing exceptional piano tuning and repair services to customers in the local area. Offering affordable piano tuning service in McLean is the company's passion. 

Founded in 1968, the company has become a staple in the northern Virginia music community. Their passion for pianos led them to make it their life's work to keep these magnificent instruments sounding their very best.

With over five decades of experience, PianoCraft's technicians have the skills and knowledge to properly maintain your piano. They offer complete tunings as well as minor repairs, adjustments, and cleaning services. Their goal is to extend the life of your piano and ensure it produces a rich, vibrant sound. PianoCraft takes pride in its careful precision and craftsmanship. 

For quality work from highly trained professionals, choose McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft. They have been northern Virginia's trusted source for piano service for over 50 years.
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See What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Amazing service and skill from the piano tech! We have a Yahama mini grand that was out of service for several years, and they really spent the time to tune and re-tune it methodically. It's still perfectly in tune several weeks later. I will definitely use them again!"
- Tommy C.
Piano Tuning in McLean VA

Offering Piano Tuning Services You Trust

For decades, the most trusted name for piano tuning in McLean, VA, has been providing exceptional services to keep pianos performing their very best. Their experienced technicians have extensive training, specifically in piano maintenance and repair.

Services offered include:

*Complete piano tuning to adjust string tension and align all notes
*Minor repairs of keys, pedals, hammers, and other moving parts
*Regulation and adjustment of action, hammers, and strings for proper touch and responsiveness
*Soundboard inspection and bridge repairs
*Cleaning of strings, pins, keys, cabinet, and interior
*The goal is to correct any issues affecting tuning, tone, or playability by servicing the delicate mechanisms within the piano
*Precision craftsmanship from seasoned professionals who treat each instrument with great care
Efficient services provided around your schedule

Additional services like complete rebuilding, refinishing, climate control systems, and more are also available. Our technicians have the skill and expertise to keep your piano sounding its very best. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.
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The Benefits of Choosing Our Tuners are Plentiful

Choosing our expert piano tuners is the best way to keep your piano sounding its absolute best. Their extensive training and expertise in piano maintenance will ensure your instrument gets the proper care it needs. You'll benefit from their skill and precision craftsmanship that amateur tuners simply can't match.

By utilizing the latest tools and techniques, professional tuners can accurately detect and correct even the smallest deviations in string tension and pitch. This complete tuning process aligns every note, restoring your piano's optimum tone, resonance, and responsiveness. Minor repairs are also conducted to fix any issues with hammers, moving parts, or regulations.

In addition to tuning, our professionals provide other vital maintenance services like soundboard inspection, humidity control, and interior cleaning. This proactive maintenance helps prevent more costly repairs down the road. With regular servicing from the experts, your piano will continue performing beautifully for years to come.

Don't trust just anyone with fine-tuning your prized piano. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and dedication to treat your piano right. For piano tuning you can rely on, choose our local piano tuning services in McLean, Virginia, with the skills to keep your instrument sounding perfect.
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Explore All of Our Fine Piano Services

Piano Restoration

We offer complete piano restoration to repair, refinish, and rebuild your treasured instrument to pristine, like-new condition. Let us revitalize your piano's beauty, tone, and playability.

Repair Services

From minor repairs to complete rebuilding, our skilled technicians have the knowledge to diagnose issues and properly service your piano's intricate mechanisms and moving parts.

Piano Voicing

Our precision voicing techniques can adjust your piano's tonal quality and touch response for optimized resonance, sustain, and expressiveness. Let us enhance your piano's voice.

Why Choose McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

Master Concert Pianist

With our owner being a renowned concert pianist, our expert technicians offer a level of quality, precision, and musical understanding unrivaled in piano service and repair.

FREE Consultation

Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with our technicians to evaluate your piano's condition, needs, and the best services to help it reach its full musical potential.

Affordable Prices

Our competitive rates make professional piano tuning, repairs, and restoration affordable so you can invest in your instrument's optimal performance and longevity.

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Ready to schedule your piano service? Choose from piano tuning, regulation, voicing, restoration or climate control. Contact us today for a piano service.
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